Director's Address

Dear college applicants, students, professors and partners,

I have the special pleasure to address you on behalf of Bulgaria’s oldest higher educational establishment for tourism.

It is our mission of honor to forge successful professionals for the tourism industry.

And it is this very mission that we have resolutely been after for more than half a century now, trying to provide:

In the everyday work with students, the leading motivation and values College academic and administrative staff embrace are: responsibility, co-operation and commitment.

We stake firmly on our students’ satisfaction with their achievements, successful placement and career as basic criteria for our efforts and job well done.  

Bestow your credit to Varna College of Tourism, share and take part in creating its favorable training atmosphere, and by so doing, you will find the proper path of your personal and professional progress.

Truly yours,

Stoyan Marinov, PhD, Associate Professor,

Director of College of Tourism, Varna




05:31 | 08.08.2020
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