Scientific Research

Department of Tourism

In 2011 a team of lecturers from the Tourism Department at the College of Tourism – Varna and the University of Economics – Varna developed a scientific research project approved for funding by the University of Economics – Varna, from the state budget subsidy for scientific research.
The topic of the Project (№ НП-51– 47/07.07.2011) is “Research into the Quality of the Family-Run Accommodation Facilities in the Municipality of Varna”. Assoc. Prof. Tanya Dabeva (UE – Varna) leads the team, the other members being Assoc. Prof. G. Rafailova, senior lecturer S. Kadieva, assistant lecturer K. Yancheva, all from the College of Tourism – Varna, Assoc. Prof. Sv. Stefanov (UE – Varna), as well as students from the specialty of Hotel and Restaurant Management. The scientific research within the project aims at making analysis and evaluation of the quality of the family-run accommodation facilities in the municipality of Varna. Based on the research, practice-oriented directions will be worked out for quality enhancement with view of increasing long term competitiveness in the field of accommodation in the area. As a result of the scientific research within the project, methods for quality evaluation will be developed.The first stage of the project was completed in December 2011.

Expected outcomes:
1. Methodology of quality evaluation applied in certifying and awarding a local quality mark for family-run accommodation in the municipality of Varna, guaranteeing a certain quality of service and the overall product in the hotel.

2. Conclusions based on the quality analysis and evaluation of family-run accommodation in the municipality of Varna carried out on family-run hotels in the area and directions for quality enhancement.

3. Dissemination seminar for presentation of the research outcomes as well as training in methods of application of quality evaluation. Application methods in quality evaluation manual containing recommendations for the enhancement of quality and application of the methods developed for certifying and awarding a local quality mark to family-run hotel owners and managers on the territory of the municipality of Varna.

Department of Foreign Language

In June 2011 at the University of Economics – Varna a scientific research project of the department of foreign languages at the College of Tourism –Varna was approved, entitled “Setting up of a Multimedia Language Laboratory – Theoretical and Practical Aspects”. Within the context of working out new criteria for successful education, specialized centers should be established enabling lecturers to teach using CAT (Internet resources, computer programs for presenting and checking the acquisition of the material taught, multimedia products). The establishment of the multimedia laboratory will cover the following three areas:

1. The foreign language training of students from the three majors offered at the College of Tourism: Hotel and Restaurant Management, Management of Tourism and Leisure Management.

2. Training of students with view of their becoming prospective trainers and lecturers themselves, familiar with CAT.

3. Career development of staff from the Department of Foreign Languages through integrating ICT into the teaching process and scientific research.

The Project is due to be completed in July 2012 and is designed to implement the multimedia language laboratory as a prerequisite for offering distance learning as an option.

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