Admission of Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens, who reside permanently on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, foreigners of Bulgarian nationality whose permanent place of residence is out of the country, foreigners who have been granted refugee status in this country, as well as EU citizens follow the same procedure as that followed by Bulgarian citizens.

Admisison of foreign students from countries outside the EU

Foreign students from countries outside the EU are admitted after competitive selection on the basis of a set of documents.

Foreign citizens can apply to Higher Educational Establishments in Bulgaria if they hold a Diploma for Secondary Education valid for education at the Higher Educational Establishments in the countries they completed their Secondary education.

The Diploma for Secondary Education should be translated in one of the officially recognized international languages and certified in the Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in the respective countries.

Foreign students can study only full time.

Foreign students do an 8-month preparatory course in Bulgarian language held in the Language Department of University of Economics - Varna.

The Tuition Fee for an academic year is according to government regulations for the respective year. It is payable through a bank account transfer in two installments at the beginning or each semester. For the academic year 2012/2013 the fee is 2500 EURO.

Students with double citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian, are admitted after applying on the basis of a set of documents for the full-time and part-time courses of study.

Students with double citizenship pay half the amount of the Tuition fee, set by the Council of Ministers.

Students with double citizenship speaking Bulgarian sit a test in Bulgarian.

02:18 | 14.07.2020
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