The College of Tourism - Varna as a Partner

*  The College of Tourism - Varna is proud of its half- a-century-long history as the first in Bulgaria higher educational institution specialized in tourism.

*  The College has the right and opportunity to issue certificates in  the vocational qualifications of tour guiding, bartending and waiter’s service,  to promote further education for a Bachelor’s degree in Oxford Brooks and organise exams for students  to gain a European Certificate in a foreign language.

*  The College has participated successfully in four projects of Leonardo programme, as well as in a project of the British Council and the Phare Programme.

*  The College provides qualified staff for holding large-scale or specialized events, as well as consultancy service for their arrangement.

*  The lecturers of the College – individually and in a team – have the needed experience, excellent skills and knowledge to offer on-the-job training, specialized training and foreign language courses, consultancy service and do research work on specific issues, required by tourism and leisure companies.

08:56 | 09.08.2020
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