Tourism Industry as a Partner

The College of  Tourism – Varna relies on co-operation from the tourism industry aiming at the achievement  of mutually beneficial results, such as competitive staff, popularization of tourism and its positive image in Varna area, as well as tourism education.

Advantages of the tourism companies that co-operate with the College of Tourism - Varna

*  Tourism companies and organizations can participate with their logo, brand name or banner in the web-site of the College of Tourism – Varna with a link to their sites and pages on the Internet.

*  Tourism companies, organizations, unions and associations can have their logo, brand name and trade mark featured in the promotional materials of the College of Tourism – Varna.

*  All the year round representatives of the industry of hospitality, tourism and leisure have the opportunity to hold various events at the College: presentations of their products and services, of their history and  of the job and career opportunities they offer, aiming at staff employment and popularization of their work.

*  Tourism companies and organizations can co-operate with lecturers and students as far as term papers and graduate projects are concerned by providing information and visits to their premises. Consequently the joint-work projects are presented before an audience and provided for use by the respective companies.

*  At the end of each academic year the College of Tourism – Varna organizes state practical exams involving specialized themed events. Hospitality and tourism companies and organizations can sponsor those exams with their products, or presentation of their operations, of their brand name etc.

08:37 | 09.08.2020
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