Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages was established with the start of the College in 1963, when it was the first Higher Institute of International Tourism in Bulgaria.

Until 1998 the Department used to have two main sections: West-European Languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Swedish) and East-European Languages (Russian, Polish, Czech, and Hungarian). The scope of foreign languages studied at that time was to meet the demand for providing foreign language speaking professionals in the field of Tourism up to the mid-90s.

Currently the study of at least 2 foreign languages is within the College Curriculum, and the major languages taught at College are English, German, French and Russian, students can choose to study a third one as an elective subject. The department staff provides varied learning experiences that maintain interest and drive motivation with support that encourages and enables achievement. The study of 3 foreign languages is a valuable asset of the College, providing graduates with competitive advantage in the domestic and international labour market.

The nature of foreign language teaching in a specialized higher educational institution of tourism demands an inter-disciplinary approach and broader scope of knowledge of its staff. We provide teaching that is in tune with organisations in the international hospitality and tourism industries. Smooth coordination with the Department of Tourism also ensures the provision of quality teaching in a competitive environment.

The Foreign Languages Staff run the language courses on the three major courses: Tourism Management, Leisure Management and Management of Hotels and Restaurants. We also supervise the summer work placement, the practical training in guiding and the induction tour of students on the first two courses. Members of the Language Department are also lecturers in Cross-Culture Studies.

The study of First Foreign Language aims at providing students with competences and practical skills in everyday communication and dealing with the documentation in the travel agent’s, the hotel or restaurant. At the end of their study students are fluent language users, reading and translating specialized tourism publications. The targeted level of language competence is Advanced, tested at the State Exam in First Foreign Language, which gives students the opportunity to sit the exams for internationally recognized Language Certificates.

The learning of Second Foreign Language at the college starts at Beginners’ Level; students gradually acquire knowledge and develop skills in everyday communication with international guests.  At the end of their study students reach Intermediate Level of language competence, which enables them to speak and communicate freely in a foreign language environment.

Our number one priority is to provide high quality education that is challenging, rewarding and transformational - education that opens up exciting opportunities for our graduates. We focus on stimulating students' intellectual curiosity and enhancing their professional knowledge and skills, so that they can go on learning throughout their careers.

Finally, our department has a reputation for innovation and excellence in teaching and research, it is vibrant research community, which has long-standing partnerships with universities across Europe, with expertise in British, Francophone, German and Russian cultures and the hospitality industry in these countries.

Members of the Foreign Language Department are highly-qualified language specialists, some of them with a PhD, others studying for their doctor’s degree. Quite a few of us have qualification and professional experience in the field of tourism, in many cases combining academic teaching and research with practical experience in the tourism business.

The department staff has worked on several EU-funded projects aiming to improve qualification of academic staff and tourism professionals, with the British Know-How Fund, with the Leonardo and PHARE projects. Several English and German Language lecturers have been trained for Examiners for the European Language Certificates within the European Language Framework. French Language lecturers have been teaching municipal administrative staff at Alliance Francaise.

The Foreign Languages Department takes pride in its image of quality language teaching for corporate clients. Members of staff are renowned professional in providing short-term and modular training courses for the tourism business. Some of our repeat customers are: Varna Municipality, Provadia Municipality, Cultural Centre The Palace – Balchik, Albena and Kamchia Resort Complexes.

Department of Foreign Languages Staff:

Assoc. Professor Ginka Dimitrova PhD – Head of Department

English Language Section
Assist. Professor Svetla Nedeva
Assist. Professor Bisser Popov
Assist. Professor Hristina Ilieva-Sverchkova
Assist. Professor Krasimira Trifonova
Assist. Professor Nataliya Stancheva

German Language Section
Assist. Professor Sevdalina Chakarova
Assist. Professor Vanya Georgieva
Assist. Professor. Galina Petrova
Assist. Professor Bilyana Pavlova
Assist. Professor Rositsa Naydenova

French Language Section
Assist. Professor Ivanka Pavlova
Assist. Professor Margarita Pancheva

Russian Language Section
Assoc. Professor Ginka Dimitrova PhD
Assist. Professor Zhana Ivanova PhD
Assist. Professor Radostina Stoyanova PhD

Distinguished staff members and part-time lecturers at the College are:
Assist. Prof. Nedyalka Nikolova – Russian
Assist. Prof. Anna Bodi Nenova – French and Hungarian

Latest Research Projects:

1. Pilot Project within the Leonardo De Vinci Programme. Multi-language “Hotel, Restaurant, Cuisine” Dictionary, published – 2000

2. Academic seminar “Foreign Languages as Means of Inter-Cultural Communication in the Field of Tourism”– November 2010 – a published collection of papers

3. A scientific research project entitled “Setting up of a Multimedia Language Laboratory – Theoretical and Practical Aspects”. Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Ginka Dimitrova – 2011-2012, monography research paper is to be published.



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